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What is this wonderful gift that is worth $ 340.00 ?

It’s a free jar of the well known premium brand ROYCE GOLD PAIN RELIEF CREAM every month for as long as you remain our customer.

  • YES, we will send you a free jar of this wonderful cream every month to take away your aches and pains. The first pain relief cream you will actually feel good about using. Say goodbye to toxic chemicals, lingering smell and that greasy feeling. No GMO’s, parabens or artificial fragrances. Ever. You pay for ingredients that have a purpose, not fillers. Our 3oz jar travels easily and lasts 30 days when used as directed. And with only 3.7% menthol, you never have to worry about smelling like a cough drop, so you can apply it any time, anywhere.
  • With ALL natural ingredients, ROYCE GOLD works quickly to relieve aches and pains related to sore muscles and joints. It penetrates deep to target the root cause, delivering medicine directly where you need it most. And because ingredients don’t need to travel through the stomach, you get fast & effective relief, without the side effects. ROYCE GOLD Cream helps alleviate pain and gets you back to doing what you love. Once absorbed into the skin, it acts as a vasodilator, temporarily increasing the size of your blood vessels for greater circulation. This action safely and effectively reduces pain in the joint or muscle.
  • Why it works! INCREDIBLE INGREDIENTS: Arnica,MSM, Vitamin B6, llex, Tea Tree, Vitamin E , & Aloe, menthol and more. For relief from arthritis, muscle aches, sore muscles, joints or minor back pain, simply rub a small amount of Royce Gold Cream on the painful joint or muscle. The key active ingredient in ROYCE GOLD CREAM is; Arnica Montana Extract, is a Powerful Anti-inflammatory and Increases Circulation. In addition, ROYCE GOLD also has MSM, which stands for methylsulfonylmethane, an organic form of sulfur. Sulfur is the fourth most plentiful mineral in your body and is essential for life. It is an important element for all cells and body tissues, especially for joint tissue where it functions in the stabilization of the connective tissue matrix of cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.
  • You have the option to order up to 12 free jars a year, and all you pay for is shipping and processing.
  • You are not required or obligated to participate in the Royce Gold Program, if you desire not to.