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Will I be locked into a long-term contract?

Absolutely not. With Advantage Alert there are no long-term contracts and our service can be cancelled at any time, and for any reason, with 30 days written notice and the return of our equipment.

Are there extra charges for an additional person?

No. The Advantage Alert service is not based on the number of people who could benefit from the service.

Is it hard to Install ?

The Advantage Alert unit sets up in just a few simple steps. We send you your system with simple, easy-to-read instructions. You can do it yourself or have a friend, neighbor or family member help you if it makes you more comfortable. Once you’ve completed the setup, simply press the help-button to test the unit and have our emergency response center confirm that you’ve done a perfect job.


Must I install a new telephone jack?

No. The base unit simply plugs into your existing phone jack.

Will this system work if I only have a cell phone?

Yes. We have systems for both landline and mobile.

Do I have to be in the same room as the base-unit for it to work?

No. You can be in a different room, on a different floor, or out getting the mail and the signal will still be received in most cases, as long as you are within approximately 300 feet of the base-unit.

What if I press the help-button but am unable to speak?

If our emergency response center receives an alarm but is unable to establish voice communications with you, they will immediately dispatch emergency services and your specified responders.

What if I can’t answer the door?

Our monitors also contact neighbors, family, and friends. You let us know in advance who has access to your home and they can direct your rescuers. Lock Boxes are available if you don’t have a close neighbor or family member you can confide in.

Can I wear the transmitter in the shower?

Yes. The transmitter is waterproof and you can bath with it.

Can I transfer the system if I am moving or taking a long vacation?

Yes. Just be sure to notify us at least 24 hours in advance so that we can update your records.

What if the electricity goes out?

The base-unit has a built-in battery back-up system that will keep your system working for up to 24 hours until your electricity is restored, and then the batteries will automatically recharge.


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No Longterm Contracts

No contract, no problem. We also make the system very easy to set up.

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We stay on the line no matter how long and where you live in the country.

Free Fall Down Detection

The latest technology available today included at no extra charge.

The Best Technology

Advantage Alert has been innovating the Personal Emergency Response industry for over 30 years serving tens of thousands of customers

Simple Pricing

We believe it should be simple and affordable. That’s why Advantage Alert includes use of equipment, shipping, and other benefits at no charge

EXCLUSIVE 24/7 Nurse Button

Talk to one of our nurses who can answer any questions at anytime that you may have pertaining to your well being.