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A Fall Can Happen Any Day, Any Time

Every year, more than 1/3 of seniors 65 or older will experience a fall at home. If you are alone and unable to move, you can spend hours, or even days, on the ground waiting for help. Serious injuries need to be treated immediately, and the more hours left alone, lessens the chance of recovery. A fall or medical issue can be so severe that getting immediate help is the difference between life and death. A medical alert system, ensures that you or your loved one is protected 24/7. Research has found the fear of falling causes many seniors to change their daily activities and sometimes limit activity levels. When you limit your mobility you actually increase your chances of falling and risk severe depression. The Advantage Alert medical alert system provides confidence and peace of mind to seniors, and their families. Feeling confident knowing you are protected, leads to increased mobility, a more fulfilling lifestyle and independence.

Why Medical Alert System?

  • 1 in 3 Americans age 65+ fall at least once a year. The chances of surviving a fall are 6X greater if found within 1 hour.
  • The National Heart Association reports that 350,000 of the 1.6 million Americans that suffer from heart attacks die because help does not arrive on time.
  • Every minute a stroke victim goes unattended, the chance of permanent disability or death increases dramatically.
  • The National Safety Council reported over 3 million people will sustain disabling injuries in or around their home; more than 100,000 will be permanently disabled and more than 20,000 will die.
  • U.S. Government studies estimate at least 260,000 of the 1 million people over 65 in nursing homes don't have to, and don't want to be there.
  • The National Fire Protection Agency reported there was over 500,000 annual home fires resulting in over 4 billion dollars in damage and over 25,000 deaths or major injuries.
  • The Department of Justice reported that 1 in 4 households will be the victim of a burglary this year. Burglaries occur every 10 seconds in the U.S.
  • The New England Journal of Medicine concluded that for elderly people who live alone, becoming incapacitated and unable to get help is a common event, which usually marks the end of their ability to live independently.

While we can't prevent an emergency from occurring, what is seldom realized is that it isn't always the emergency itself that results in debilitating injuries, but the fact that the sufferer lays unattended for long periods of time. Advantage Alert provides help with the easy push of a button, allowing for early intervention and providing seniors with the opportunity for independence and peace of mind.

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